Hitch Slap the Lefties

I can ask the question 50 times as well as you can, and answer it 50 times as comprehensively

My social group consists mainly of lefty and guilt ridden white people. Eager to recognize the crimes of the west, the sun had not yet set on Sept 11th 2001 when I heard my first what part did we play to bring this upon ourselves? The Americans had spread empire and, if I may be permitted to borrow an apposite if tired idiom to describe the attitude, their chickens were coming home to roost.

I can’t do better than Christopher (in fact, I can’t do it half as well) in dispelling the self hating fantasy of educated liberals. However, perhaps I can add something to the picture. Let’s start with the most common fallacy:

Poverty and cultural imperialism breeds terrorists. Access to education and the prospects of a decent standard of living are the way to fight terrorism.

The Sept 11th hijackers were university educated to the man, and many had PHDs. They came from wealthy Saudi families, traveled abroad and experienced the west first hand. They came from a land that can be safely described as isolated – money flows in and oil flows out being the extent of the cultural interchange between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world. A disenfranchised young man with no future may describe the typical Palestinian suicide bomber, but does not describe the sophisticated Al-Qaeda terrorist, or inform his motivations.

Islamofascism is a neologism born of not wanting to have to say “Fascism with an Islamic face” every time. Still, its a perfect description of the world’s most dangerous death cult. Religiously motivated (what else?) and desiring to return the world to some infantilized 7th century Islamic paradise and restore the caliphate. Well funded and armed, and peopled not by the down trodden, but by well fed Saudis raised believing there is only one book.

“…we need to establish true Islamic states, implement sharia, and rid the Muslim world of any non-Muslim influences, such as concepts like socialism and nationalism.  “…we need to rid the world of treacherous Orientalists and world Jewry who plot conspiracies and wickedly oppose Islam.”

Speaking above is the founder of Qutbism and father of the Islamic revival of the 1970s, Sayyid Qutb. His writings and teachings are the philosophical backbone of Al-Qaeda. Sayyid doesn’t make mention of downtrodden Muslims needing to fight back against corporate America lest their cultural identity be squashed, but the monolithic method and goal of  “armed Jihad in the advance of Islam.”

Let’s end with this simple point. Islamic terrorism is not a response to American foreign policy. It is a response to Islam, however twisted.

Robin Lindsay


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2 Responses to “Hitch Slap the Lefties”

  1. asl4090 Says:

    Amazing post, and an argument Hitchens and Harris have both made on multiple occassions. The terrorism is indeed the product of the religion itself. No one can seem to agree what their motive was. To me, it is obvious. We are a nation of infidels. I’m sure there are certain political reasons somewhere in the terrorist chain of command, but the reality that few admitbis that they are entrenched in Islam. They believe it, and believe they will be rewarded.

    Very nice job.


  2. rockrobinoff Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. This blog isn’t a dedicated atheism blog, but it is a common enough theme, and you will find more sprinkled amongst the rest if you care to read some more.

    I’ll check out atheistconnect.

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