The Canvas Versus The Junkyard

My universe is a junkyard full of classic cars and radioactive waste

Those of us that espouse a worldview that can be reasonably couched by the umbrella term mechanistic, are routinely assassinated by the accusation of being arrogant. Furthermore, when we are lying on the pavement and struggling for breath, our attackers stand and gawk and then raise their heel to deliver the final blow: narrow minded.

If the universe of ideas, unsifted and shaded from scrutiny, is a wide and busy canvas, then yes, for every idea rejected the canvas becomes narrower, less rich, and loses a drop of majesty. Then again, if the universe of ideas is a junkyard to be picked, where all around are wrecks, foul pools of water, and a mangy dog, and all the while there are hidden treasures to be searched for amongst the ephemera, then the very act of rejection is one of liberation, of seeking clarity, of discovering truth.

While we are at it, let’s address a paradox. The very act of rejecting a monolithic worldview, to suggest that viewing the universe through a narrow lens is square or silly or without merit, is in itself narrow minded. If we are going to be honest about the topic, there might very well be one or few accurate or meaningful ways of exploring the universe, and to dismiss that notion out of hand is to commit a great intellectual sin. An indefensible transgression if there ever was one in the realm of philosophy.

So, lets be frank stoner hippie religious apologist cosmic relativist, there is nothing inherently honest about adopting a worldview that by default bends over backwards to be inclusive. Or, as someone much smarter than I am once pointed out: there is such a thing as being so open minded that your brains fall out.

Robin Lindsay



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