Touchy, Touchy

I call her Ipodie

Never having been one to swoon over gadgetry or gear, my relationship with technology was until recently limited to master and servant. I order my tools to function, and when they fail I replace or fix, and without the slightest pangs. I have owned guitars and amplifiers, recording equipment, computers, cell phones, cameras, bicycles – all manner of technology that elicit genuine giddiness in some, but fail to make an impression on me such that I adore.

But now I own a Touch. Soft clarity, ease, instant gratification, and in your pocket. The functionality, while impressive and indispensable, is not our hero. No, the protagonist is the operating of the device, the joy of interacting with lovely, and not austere or rigid and without being cartoonish. Such is the delight that the act of deleting spam is one of pleasure and not nuissance.

But there is the danger. To find yourself craving the company of $200 worth of plastic is worrisome. Not to sound dramatic about such slight distractions, but rather obnoxious habits loom, most notably the slope that leads one to become the arse that taps away when someone else is speaking, or at a party, or when one should otherwise be fully engaged with a person. The temptation most often occurs during the least pause, when conversation arrests for only a moment, and the urge to fill that space with something manifests into searching your pocket. At least with smoking one could remain charming and attentive.

But minor concerns are these, as rudeness is easily combated by self awareness, and as the ubiquity of the technology becomes a reality, more easily forgiven. Now to get to work on the next best-selling feature of the Apple App Store: Are You Being a Dick?

Robin Lindsay



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    […] the good people of Fed Ex delivered to my door (and in excellent time) my Ipod Touch (as I wrote here). The perfect marriage of intuition and grace and function and reliability and beauty resulted […]

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