Hitch 2011

Christopher Hitchens has cancer. Standing in for a prognosis are statistics, and those who play the markets demand 20 for 1 on money laid on his living another five years. Yet, the man’s voluminous scrawl bears no indication of limping, as dispatches from the cancer ward spew more like a torrent than a trickle.

The cynical, or perhaps, worrisome, or simply accurate, estimation as to why Christopher Hitchens has redoubled his efforts, is that his sense of mortality now has a fine edge – likely his only faculty to have grown more acute for chemotherapy. Cacoethes Scribendi was perhaps once both handsome and apposite phrasing to describe his work habits, but now “compulsion” seems less apt than “desperation.” Still, the quality of the output is still worthy and flush with insight and original metaphor.

However, boring and unoriginal and inane talk has inexorably inched its way into the discussion. Have Mr. Hitchens views on God or religion changed since his diagnosis? What needed only to be asked once, and for no other reason than to get it out of the way, has now manifested into a major talking point. Who, honestly, did not already know the answer to this obvious and bordering on trite question? “Of course not, next” should have been a more than sufficient response. To think otherwise is to think the endless passages Mr. Hitchens wrote on the subject of God disingenuous or perhaps only academic. It suggests that he is not a man of convictions. It suggests those who claimed to be listening carefully, weren’t.

Valuable time has been wasted.

Robin Lindsay



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3 Responses to “Hitch 2011”

  1. kriseyes Says:

    Love the prose, brilliantly Au Fond! I too have the same incredulous eye towards benighted theists who think they can extract a recant from Hitch over his influence. Some primates are stupider than they look. I too wrote a cynosure to Hitch’s influence on me on my blog that you may find interesting and tendentious. It appears you are doing great work here.

  2. rockrobinoff Says:

    many thanks for the kind words. i took a quick scan of your blog, and will be checking back in when i have time for a more than cursory glance.

    what is gay intellectualism? beyond, gays who are intellectual that is.

  3. rockrobinoff Says:

    “To put it another way, I would say that I am a gay intellectual not a intellectual who is gay.”


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