Dear Internet

For the past two years I have scribbled and fought within the confines of the (semi) exclusive Facebook, honing my skills and reshaping my style from that of polemical and didactic to expansive and chewy. Now, I am peeking my head above the trench to gaze at the enemy with my own eyes, and am abandoning the relative safety of the captured audience. Here, I will type anew, and seek out those not predisposed to me and hope for a genuine encounter, an argument, and a means of attack and praise for those I loathe and love respectively. Additionally, I am taking on the laborious task of selecting and editing the best of the 300 entries that predate and predestine this blog – some 90 000 words spewed in bite-sized portions.

Many have kicked and prodded and pleaded with me to start sharing my cast-away reflections with a wider audience. I was and am flattered that some have taken the time to pull me aside at parties (and on one occasion offer me work) to inquire why I “waste” my output on Facebook, where only a select few can read it, and even fewer will bother. To those I always responded “who but my friends will read me?” I still suspect my readership will fail to grow as a result of unshackling the text from the confines of my 204 friends, but I am acquiescing to the attempt, and if you will forgive the cliche, I have nothing to lose.

So, fans, I am counting on you to link me via Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is you do to stay in touch with your legions, and convince me that you were right all along about my mass appeal.

Your one and only chance to win an argument with yours.

Robin Lindsay

rockrobinoff [at]


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